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  • Notable News and References at
  • Locator
    1. EV Charging Locator for USA and UK on the web.
    2. EV Charging Locator for USA and UK for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad users by and
    3. Video demo:
    4. Companies, People and Events to Watch by
  • Interviews
    1. BigThink interviewed’s Felix Kramer
    2. Video interview with Nissan Chief, Carlos Ghosn
    3. founder interview, October 2010

      Useful links

      1. Electric Scooter Review
      2. The beginners guide to driving electric cars
      6. Electric Auto Association – Silicon Valley Chapter
      7. Plug-in America
      9. Revenge of The Electric Car
      10. USA federal and state tax credits/incentives
      11. California
      12. West Coast Electric Highways ProjectCenter for Automotive Research
      13. Arithmetic, Population, and Energy by Professor Albert Bartlett
      14. Trading the Pump for the Plug by Brian Donahue
      15. A global industry: the big picture
      16. USA: $25,000, 350-mile-per-charge electric car could be reality by 2017, DOE says
      17. Europe: EEVC-2011 October 2011. Submit your paper before May 31st, 2011.
      18. Europe: Government to pump billions into electric cars
      19. Frixo Road Traffic Reports in UK
    • Manufacturers
      1. Nissan Leaf/Canada
      2. Hipower New Energy Group LIFEPO4-battery
    • Reports/Analysis
      1. USA: 2009’s Best Strategy/Analysis: Electrification Coalition’s Roadmap
      2. USA: Winning in the Gigantic New EV Market
      3. How Would a World Filled With Plug-in Hybrids Work? (Video)
      4. USA Energy Storage Research and Developmentf
      5. The real price of gasoline
    • EV Conversion
      1. USA: Finding the Serial Entrepreneur to Lead a Global Gas-Guzzler Conversion Industry
    • Newsletter
        Nissan Leaf – The Good, Bad and The Beautiful April 2011

      1. March 2010 – 4evriders-org: 2010 EV and Plug-in-hybrid Predictions
      2. July 2010 – 4evriders-org: Companies, People and Events to Watch in the EV and Plug-in-hybrid Markets
      3. October 2010 – Interview: 4evriders-org Interviewed by Brian Donahue
      4. November 2010 – Overcoming Range Anxiety by Jerry Pohorsky
      5. December 2010 – EV and Plug-in Hybrid: 2010 Year in Review and 2011 Predictions by
      6. December 2011 – EV and Plug-in Hybrid: 2011 Year in Review and 2012 Predictions by
    • EV FAQ
      1. FAQ
    • Health and Environment
      1. Consumer Dangers
      2. Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Center
      3. Solar Fountains Eco-friendly garden for birds protection.
      4. Perspectives on who we are.
      5. Image of the day Perspective on mass transit.
      6. USA: Nissan Leaf – Gas Powers Everything (video)
    • Misc
      1. Trucks and Cars Portal
      2. How Green Is Cruising?
      3. Safety Training.
      4. Car Covers
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      5. Job opportunities New job vacancies in the most important international organizations. Check out and send your job application.
      6. Resistors Product.
      7. UK
      8. Printed Circuit Boards
        We specialize in
        manufacturing Quickturn Printed Circuit Boards for businesses looking for high
        quality boards at competitive prices.
      9. CustomCarCovers including Nissan Leaf
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