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Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz launch electric cars: ‘anything Tesla can do, we can do better’

German automakers Volkswagen Group and Daimler on Monday announced ambitious new plans to make long-range electric vehicles in a rapidly intensifying competition with Tesla, General Motors, Nissan and other global auto companies.

Their timing could be just right after years of tepid industry sales for electric cars.

China, hoping to clear up devastating urban smog, this weekend signa More


China is banning traditional auto engines. Its aim: electric car domination – LA Times

China plans to ban new vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel engines. The implications for the global auto industry run deep.

The move is spun as an environmental story. But it’s a major economic story as well.


China will set a deadline for carmakers to stop selling cars that run exclusively on gasoline or diesel fuel. The news was announced over the weekend by More


Driver’s family doesn’t blame Tesla for fatal ‘autopilot’ crash | New York Post

The family of the driver of a Tesla Model S who was killed in a May 2016 crash while using the car’s semi-autonomous driving system said on Monday the car was not to blame for the crash.

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Waymo Simulations Let Self-Driving Cars Rack Up 8 Million Virtual Miles Every Day – The Drive

WWaymo self-driving cars are racking up significant miles in the real world, but they’re getting even more of a workout in simulations. Each day, 25,000 cars drive 8 million simulated miles, the former Google self-driving car project claim

The simulator allows self-driving cars to practice situations they may not regularly encounter in the real world, Waymo explained in a Medium post More


Waymo simulation is teaching self-driving cars invaluable skills

Last month, Alphabet offered up its first proper look at Carcraft . The simulation is a virtual home away from home (the real world) for Waymo’s self-driving vehicles. Here, you’ll find a replica of every real-world mile the autonomous cars have driven. And, each day, Waymo’s 25,000-strong fleet of Chrysler Pacificas traverse 8 million of these simulated miles. That’ More


[model 3] Report: Tesla Model 3 Charges As Fast As Tesla’s Flagship 100D

harging speed can be stated in different ways:

First, there’s C rate which is the time to reach 100% charge. C rate of one means the battery can be charged to 100% in one hour. C rate of 2 means the battery can be charged to 100% in 1/2 of an hour. C rate of 3 means the battery charges to 100% in 1/3 if an hour. Other chemistries have higher C rates but may not have the energy den More


Tesla disables emergency braking for Autopilot 2.5 hardware – LeftLaneNews

Tesla has temporarily disabled automatic emergency braking, once again, for new vehicles that are rolling off the assembly line with revised Autopilot hardware.

Known as version 2.5, the revised hardware adds new computing and wiring redundancy to improve reliability. The company has downplayed the changes, however the interruption to AEB functionality suggests the vehicles may be equipped More


Global shockwaves from electric cars will be here sooner…

The Guardian When Jaguar Land Rover followed in the tracks of Volvo last week with its shift to an electric-powered future, the car maker didn’t just talk about hybrids and …… More


What happens when you fall asleep with your Tesla Model S…

Torque News Many car enthusiasts know that Tesla is a leader in Autopilot technology, but do you know for example what will happen when you fall asleep with your Tesla …… More


Chevy Bolt EV on Track to Outsell All EVs but Tesla Model S | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog

With its Chevrolet Bolt EV , General Motors opted to go big on battery capacity but keep the car small and relatively affordable. And the strategy appears to be paying off in sales.GM said that it sold 12,249 Bolt EVs between December 2016—when the first deliveries were made in California—and August 30, 2017. Of those, 11,670 were sold since the beginning of 2017. That puts it on pace t More


The Auto Industry Can’t Ignore The Electric Vehicle…

Forbes Although EVs and Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) account for only about 1% of the 95 million vehicles produced globally every year, leading auto industry analysts are, one by one, coming to the conclusion that EVs will substantially change the …… More


We finally have more details about Apple’s mysterious car…

Business Insider A recent story in The Atlantic revealed that while Waymo has by far the most autonomous miles driven, it actually drove 830 times more miles in simulation in 2016 than it did physically (3 million miles driven vs. 2.5 billion in simulation …… More


[government news] Self-driving car legislation paves way for Tesla Autopilot development

The House passed a bipartisan driverless car bill Wednesday, paving the way for Tesla and other manufacturers to develop autonomous vehicles without having to hurdle substantial legislative barriers.

The bill opens the playing field for companies to develop and test new driverless technology without having to answer to individual state legislators. In addition to relaxing laws on the implem More


Google’s self-driving cars learn how to drive at a Mesa intersection

Waymo has been “teaching” its autonomous vehicles how to navigate difficult left-hand turns based on a tricky Mesa intersection.

James Stout, a lead software engineer for Waymo, the self-driving car project from Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc., explained the tests in a blog posted Thursday.

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My Experience With a Flooded Model S in Houston | Tesla Motors Club

Model S (70 RWD Coil Spring Suspension) flooded in my garage on August 27 in Houston. I thought I’d share details about my experience thus far that may be of interest to the community.

The car ultimately sat in about 22 inches of water (measured from ground), probably 21 near the front and 23 near the back due to incline of garage.

tes More


India’s switch to electric vehicles will be rapid; 31m EVs by 2040
Electric Vehicles: India’s switch to electric vehicles will be rapid; 31m EVs by 2040 – The Economic Time More


BMW readies mass production of electric cars, 12 models by…

CNBC Germany’s BMW plans to be able to mass produce electric cars by 2020 and offer 12 different models by 2025 as traditional carmakers seek to gain share in a market dominated by U.S.… More


How government plans to make India an electric vehicle nation – The Economic Times

It’s been touted as the LED moment of transport — the vision of an all-electric passenger car market in India by 2030, greening of the system being the link.

The reference is to what the Vienna Energy Forum famously referred to as the “largest energy transformation project in the world” — the task of replacing millions of street and household lights with energy-saving and longla More


How Jerry Brown and Elon Musk Made California an Electric Vehicle Stronghold | HuffPost

The United States has over half-a-million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road and is on track to add a quarter-million more by the end of 2017. Of the expected ~780,000 electric vehicles on US roadways more than half will reside in California. In fact, if the other 49 states had adoption rates similar to the Golden State the United States would boast the worlds largest EV fleet at a conser More


Tesla calculator estimates the monthly costs of owning a Model 3

There are many reasons to opt for a Tesla, but one of the most compelling ones is the opportunity to get a premium vehicle at a reasonable price – this is the allure of the flashy new Model 3. But what exactly are the monthly costs of owning one and does it pay off long-term? That’s what this calculator can help you figure out.

Ben Sullins, who runs a YouTube channel and an onl More


The New 2018 Nissan LEAF | Nissan USA

Reserving the all-new 2018 LEAF has never been easier. Just fill out and submit the form provided, or configure your LEAF and submit your build, through this site by January 22, 2018, and purchase a 2018 LEAF before May 15, 2018 and you are eligible to receive an exclusive gift.*

By signing up or submitting a reservation through this site, there is no commitment to purchase.

After yo More


Autonomous vehicle partnership aims for level 4 cars New…

New Electronics Additionally, simulation software will be used to demonstrate the autonomous driving capabilities virtually, before moving into real-world testing.… More


2018 Nissan Leaf First Drive Review – Motor Trend

“You know what I’d do if I were you guys?” The jet lag from the 11-hour flight to Japan had me talking in a stream of consciousness. “I’d build a NISMO version of the Leaf. Make it all crazylike, you know what I mean?” The young Nissan engineer sitting across from me stared back blankly. I tried a different angle. “The Leaf’s image needs a big shakeup. I mean, Elon Musk has had the More


[model 3] Nissan reveals a new Leaf, putting pressure on electric car rivals – LA Times

The battle for control of the small but increasingly competitive electric vehicle market got a little hotter Tuesday night, as Japanese car company Nissan unveiled a new Leaf with a stronger battery and longer range — at a price well below rival electric cars.

At a glitzy ceremony in Tokyo, broadcast live on the Internet, Nissan executives said the car has a range of 150 miles and will be More


Self-driving car vote in House will map out vehicles’ future

Self-driving car technology faces a crucial test Wednesday, with the House of Representatives set to vote on rules designed to get fully autonomous vehicles on American roads quickly and with minimal state-by-state oversight.

Supporters of the proposed legislation say it will help companies developing the technology in the U.S. compete in the high-stakes race toward driving’s future, whil More


National Drive Electric Week 2017 – Event List

Drive Electric Week celebrations will be taking place throughout the week of September 9-17, 2017. Events will be happening across the US and other countries. See below for a list of events. To find an event near you, you may want to visit the map of events .

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[model 3] Tesla Model 3 Long Range version gets leading ‘126 MPGe’…

Electrek Tesla bet on efficiency to achieve a long all-electric range on a single charge with the Model 3 and now we get our first look at the EPA rating, which suggests the vehicle could beat some efficiency records.… More


China aims to build a supersonic "flying train" that would put Elon Musk’s Hyperloop to shame — Quartz

The Hyperloop is getting some Chinese competition.
The country’s state-run space contractor, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), announced yesterday (Aug. 30) that it has started research on a “high-speed flying train” that it says will be able to reach top speeds of 4,000 km per hour (2,485 miles per hour). That is 10 times faster than the world’s fastest bulle More


[bolt] Plug-in electric car sales for Aug: Bolt EV leads Prime, Volt lower

> The Chevrolet Bolt EV continued a steady sales rise last month as it solidified its position among the top three plug-in electric cars for which monthly U.S. sales are reported.
In August, Chevy delivered 2,107 Bolt EVs, the first time the car had sold more than 2,000 units in a month after entering the market in mid-December last year.

Close behind was the Toyota Prius Prime plug-i More


Pulling Back the Curtain on Apple’s Self-Driving Car Project — The Motley Fool

When Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL ) revealed to the world that it was working on its own autonomous car, speculation ran rampant about what it could mean. As it turns out, Apple’s own research and development team had tons of ideas, too — so much so that the effort became unfocused and overwhelming . That led to last year’s reorganization of the project to create a More