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Tesla Expects "Enormous" Growth in Solar

Since Tesla recently lost its spot as the top residential solar installer in the U.S., a surface-level view of its solar business may lead some investors to conclude that the company’s ambitions for the unit have scaled back. Furthermore, falling sales might suggest that demand for the company’s solar products is suffering. But neither of these is the case.

“No one should see us as stepping back from solar,” Tesla chief technology officer J.B. Straubel said in an interview this week with USA Today. “In fact, it’s the opposite.” The CTO went on to explain that demand is off the charts, and the company is “aggressively ramping” its solar production capacity.

Tesla asserts that its declining solar sales are a result of both the company’s efforts to make higher-margin sales that contribute cash flow, and its near-term focus on ramping up Model 3 production.

“Rather than prioritizing the growth of MW of solar deployed at any cost, we are selectively deploying projects that have higher margin and generate cash up front,” Tesla explained in its first-quarter shareholder letter in 2017. “This will improve the business unit’s cash generation,” management noted.



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