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What does the EPA’s announcement on fuel efficiency standards mean for EVs? – Plug In AmericaPlug In America

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency took a huge step backwards by weakening fuel efficiency standards. What does this mean for the electric car market?
First, this announcement will set off a new round of collecting evidence, comments, and hearings through a public stakeholder process, which will take some time and cause uncertainty for automakers and consumers.
As this long regulatory process unfolds, automakers will likely decide to not invest in and research new technologies that will increase the fuel efficiency of the cars. This means that consumers will be stuck with the current fuel efficiency that cars get for the foreseeable future. In short, consumers who aren’t choosing to drive electric will still be dependent on the pump and will continue to pay more for the gas that the cars guzzle because the fuel efficiency remains the same. This is only a win for the oil companies – not for consumers or for the environment.


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