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Model 3: First 100 Miles Impressions from a P85D Owner | Tesla Motors Club

I took delivery of my 3 on Monday. It’s apparently the 10th black Model 3 in New Jersey. I’ve been driving a Model S P85D for almost 3 years, so I thought I’d share initial thoughts from that perspective… and probably put together a video comparison. (I’ve also driven a recent P100D, so when I compare to the S, I’m also taking into account the latest iterations.) Also, note that I went into this knowing I’d be “beta testing” to a degree.

High level thoughts:

The design of the 3 feels cohesive and cleaner. For example, the latest S has some odd angles where the center console meets the 17” screen. At a certain point, you need a full refresh as opposed to making minor upgrades. That’s one example.


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