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For me the big benefit of autopilot is that it makes driving so much less fatiguing | Tesla Motors Club

TLDR: I had a couple of long annoying drives, but autopilot made them much more bearable.

I had a pretty crazy schedule this weekend. Some of my family came to spend the weekend at Disney and I wanted to bring my kids down and spend time with them.

Unfortunately the driving logistics were a bit of a nightmare. On Friday I left my house at 12:30 to drive about 20 miles south to run an errand that I couldn’t find any other time to do. Then I turned around and drove 70 miles north (passing my house on the way) to pick up my kids from my ex’s. I then turned around again and drove 120 miles south to Disney (passing my house again and stopping for 40 minutes at a supercharger and grabbing dinner on the way). We hit rush hour in Orlando, so there was a lot of stop and go traffic to deal with too. In the end I got to Disney at 6pm, 5.5 hours after I started and went 210 miles, with autopilot driving almost exclusively.



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