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Big Auto, We Have A Problem — US Electric Car Sales Report | CleanTechnica

First of all, let’s get the obvious but important note out of the way: I don’t actually know how many Tesla Model 3’s were produced and delivered in January, nor do I know the numbers for the Model S or Model X. That said, the estimates (especially for the Model S and Model X) are based on many pieces of information, including previous guidance from Tesla, and I’ve seldom felt a need to go back and revise monthly estimates once official Tesla numbers have come out. That said, even Tesla’s official numbers don’t indicate US sales (Tesla only releases global sales numbers) and statements about regional split have been few and vague in the past year or two. Of course, in the case of the Model 3, I will probably revise my figures if Tesla shares January Model 3 deliveries soon, and sales could easily be +/- 1000. Nonetheless, the general points of this month’s US electric car sales report would be the same even if Model 3 deliveries totaled 2,000, and the general point is expected to get more obvious in the coming months, so read on.


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