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California to test electric-car ‘point of purchase’ rebate for electric cars

t’s clear that incentives to buy specific cars work best when they can be applied directly at the time of sale.

That’s why purchase rebates are widely preferred by electric-car advocates to tax credits, which may take up to 15 months to be usable, depending on the timing of the purchase and tax filing.

While the federal electric-car incentive is an income-tax credit and likely to stay that way, California offers a Clean Vehicle purchase rebate in the form of a check mailed to buyers several weeks after the purchase.

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Only about seven out of 10 electric-car buyers use the incentive, according to data covering the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program.

Now, according to an exclusive story on CarsDirect , the state will test a “point of purchase” rebate that can be applied directly to the price of the car during the purchase itself.

The program will be piloted in San Diego later this year to test its effectiveness.



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