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Plug In America: Put Used EVs on the Road with SB 79!

Put Used EVs on the Road with SB 79!

Dear Plug In America Friends,
Thanks to the Zero Emissin Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate, we have more than 275,000 of these clean vehicles on the road in California today – way more EVs than any other state has on their roads. Since the vehicles are mainly leased on three year terms, California is also unique in that it technically has two EV markets: one for new vehicles, and one for used vehicles.
There are plenty of purchase incentives that exist to encourage consumers to purchase new EVs, like the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP), or the Enhanced Fleet Modernization Program (EFMP) & Plus-Up Project which provides funding for retirement of a dirty vehicle and replacement with a clean one. These policies have certainly helped to put more EVs on the road, even with uncertainty in funding availability.
But what about for used EVs? The CVRP only applies to new EVs. The EFMP and Plus-Up Project does apply to used EVs, but only for certain Californians in the South Coast Air Quality Management District & San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, and is also subject to funding availability, creating a start/stop nature to the programs.
A new bill being introduced in the Senate, SB 79 , provides an exemption from state sales tax for the purchase of a used EV. It’s an easy policy for consumers to understand and for used car dealers to implement – one that also isn’t subject to funding uncertainty and is available to all Californians. And, to ensure the removal of the dirty, polluting cars from the roads, the potential buyer must turn in a gas vehicle from model year 2009 or older. This 1:1 retirement and replacement will effectively help California meet its climate goals. See our factsheet on SB 79 here . Moreover, SB 79 also helps to achieve the goals of Charge Ahead California, which aims to increase access to ZEVs for disadvantaged, low-income and moderate income communities, as these communities are more likely to purchase a used EV versus a new one.
The bill had a successful hearing in the CA Senate Government and Finance Committee, and moves on to the Senate Environmental Quality Committee this Wednesday, April 19th. Show your support for the used EV market by contacting your state Senator now at the link below. Support SB 79 today!
Thank you!
Katherine Stainken
Policy Director, Plug In America
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