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Ford: 2-Minute Fast-Charging Doesn’t Hurt Batteries (Details)

We were given a preview of new research that Ford has been doing on fast-charging solid-state batteries a month ago. At the SAE WCX earlier this month, the engineers on the project shared a few more details about just how potentially game-changing this sort of technology could be. You have to be a bit of a battery geek to understand what’s going on here, but you can find said details in the paper called Fast Charging Lithium-Ion Batteries by Xiao Yang and Ted Miller, and compare them to the current state of Ford’s fast charging technology, as seen above.

As previously revealed , the headline details are that Ford has figured out a way to fast charge – and we mean really, really fast charge – a full-sized li-ion battery “without undue stress.” How fast? Well, Yang and Miller say that, “5 Ah prismatic Li-ion cells can be fully recharged in 3 minutes under a constant rate of 20C, or in 2 min (25.5C) from 0% to 85% state of charge (SOC) without undue stresses.” The test cells were five ampere-hour (Ah) li-ion prismatic batteries made by Panasonic.



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