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You Know Electric Cars Are Poised to Take Off When the Koch Brothers Plan the Technology’s Demise

Photo Above: A sampling of the electric vehicles available on the market today. Photo Credit: Sierra Club.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are on the rise. In some locations, it’s no longer surprising to see LEAFs, Volts or any of the multitude of available plug-in models driving alongside us on the road. Not even the climate-change-denying, fossil-fuel-baron Koch brothers, who run Koch Industries, have been able to ignore the reality of EVs’ growing popularity. According to journalist Peter Stone, the Kochs have quietly launched a multimillion dollar plan aimed at slowing EVs down.

This week a newly released analysis by Bloomberg New Energy and Financepredicted that electric vehicles will help mark the end of the world’s reliance on oil for transportation. This would be very bad for business for the Koch brothers and their allies. While EVs still make up a small portion of total US and worldwide auto sales, the projections are for rapid growth in the market share, especially once longer range, lower cost EVs hit the market in the coming months and years.



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