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Apple tipped to leapfrog Tesla, Google and launch Apple Car in 2019

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Project Titan, the code name for the people working on an Apple Car, was set to be expanded from its current size of 600 people to 1800 with a target shipping date of 2019.

Just as when Apple hired a string of fitness experts, including Jay Blahnik, in the lead up to the Apple Watch, Apple’s recent hires is a hint of what is to come with the new recruits including experts in automated driving from Volkswagen, Tesla and research hubs.

While Google has long been public in its push for the self-driving car, analysts believe the first Apple car will be electric but not necessarily fully autonomous.

Wall St firm Jeffries recently released a 68-page document on the future of an Apple Car in which analyst Sundeep Bajikar said Apple is “well positioned to introduce a car, potentially as early as 2019”.

The report predicts the car would sell 200,000 units in the first year with a sales price of about $75,000. If the prediction is true, that would be about four times as many electric cars Tesla sold in 2015.



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