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Tesla Motors, Inc: There’s More to Autopilot Than Mobileye — The Motley Fool

Tesla Motors, Inc: There’s More to Autopilot Than Mobileye
Imitating the automaker’s automatic steering and lane changes will require far more than a relationship with Mobileye.

Daniel Sparks(TMFDanielSparks)Dec 21, 2015 at 2:15PM
Mobileye (NYSE:MBLY), a key player in advanced driver assistance systems, is often cited as the source of electric-car maker Tesla Motors’ (NASDAQ:TSLA) industry-leading autopilot system. While Tesla acknowledges the Israel-based company does serve a key role in the system, the carmaker also relies on tech developed in-house, too.


Tesla fires back
After a story last week implied Tesla’s autopilot technology could be outdone by a 26-year-old hacker, Mobileye shares fell from about $43.50 to as low as $39.40.

One excerpt from the story, in particularly, probably sparked the sell-off:

“Frankly, I think you should just work at Tesla,” Musk said in an email to Hotz, according to Bloomberg. “I’m happy to work out a multimillion-dollar bonus with a longer time horizon that pays out as soon as we discontinue Mobileye.”

But Tesla disagreed with themes in the article, issuing a statement aimed to clear the fog.

“The [Bloomberg] article by Ashlee Vance did not correctly represent Tesla or MobilEye,” Tesla noted in the statement.

While the “correction” primarily focused on why a single person couldn’t build a system on his or her own to compete with Tesla, there was another important takeaway from the note: The Mobileye tech referenced in the Bloomberg piece represents only of a fraction of the autopilot capabilities in Tesla vehicles



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