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Higher Conversion Efficiency Will Boost the Li-ion Battery Market for AEVs in the US: Technavio | Virtual-Strategy Magazine

Increased conversion efficiency of Li-ion fueled PHEVs/EVs will boost the growth of the Li-ion Battery Market for AEVs in the US, which is expected to post aCAGR of 21.46 percent from 2015-2019, says Technavio.

About the Report

The transportation sector currently accounts for almost 22 percent of overall global CO2 emissions. The US government is promoting the adoption of electric cars in order to curb pollution and lessen the stress on depleting fossil-fuel reserves.

“The conversion efficiency of a Li-ion battery is much higher than that of any gasoline vehicle, which is expected to enrich the market for Li-ion batteries in PHEVs and BEVs in the coming years,” says Faisal Ghaus, Vice President of Technavio.

The latest Technavio report also draws attention towards various types of Li-ion batteries that are available for different applications.

“While lithium cobalt oxide batteries are ideal for cellphones, laptops and cameras, lithium manganese oxide batteries provide high thermal stability and enhance power output at lower currents,” says Ghaus.



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