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Tesla factory racing to retool for new models – LA Times

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Tesla factory racing to retool for new models

Tesla is spending what Chief Executive Elon Musk called “staggering amounts of money” on gearing up for mass production. Above, robots assemble Model S sedans at the electric car maker’s 5.3-million-square-foot plant in Fremont, Calif. (David Butow, For the Times)
By CHARLES FLEMINGcontact the reporter
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Tesla’s electric vehicle factory, where robots play a big role, needs more superheroes to ramp up production
Tesla has so far failed to build cars as quickly as customers want to buy them
Tesla chief Elon Musk has announced his intention to double production every year for the next several years
FREMONT, Calif. — Xavier, Wolverine, Iceman, Thunderbird and Cyclops were all working hard.

In balletic movements, the massive robots, among the world’s largest industrial machines, were silently building Tesla electric cars.



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