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Lithium Batteries With 200% Typical Energy Density | CleanTechnica

Solid Energy, a Boston-based startup, recently said it has developed battery materials that have 200% greater energy density. The company has created an “anode-less” battery prototype with 1200 Wh/L in energy density. Some lithium-ion batteries with graphite anodes provide less than 600 Wh/L. A thin sheet of lithium foil was used to replace the more conventional electrode material, which is graphite.

Image shown here is a generic battery, not the startup’s.

This new battery technology is compatible with existing battery manufacturing capabilities, so it can integrate well with them. The company has a goal of making materials for about 30 million cell phone batteries by 2016. Cell phone batteries are notorious for having to be recharged frequently, which inconveniences and irritates customers. Charge duration and recharge times are a significant consideration when people buy new cell phones.



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