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Heat-resistant Li-ion battery tech works in boiling water – Geek

Battery fires are a big deal. They don’t just maim people, destroy expensive equipment and information, they also cost a lot of money and hold technology back. Sony had to recall about 10 million laptop batteries in 2006 due to fire risks, and the giant reportedly strained under the weight of that burden. Tesla Motors faced a major crisis at just the prospect of a recall over fires in its Tesla Model S, and even without it the company had to work to regain public trust. So, the next-generation of battery technology had better bring advances in safety as well as energy density — or, perhaps we can invent a safer version of thebatteries we already have.

There’s no doubt that lithium ion is on the way out in the long term — but over such a long-term tail, the technology could still cause a lot of damage. That’s why Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) has worked out how to get lithium ion batteries working even atvery high temperatures — attendees of Display Innovation 2014 got to see the battery working in a vat of boiling water! Better yet, their technology can take temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius before igniting — more than 100 degrees higher than the competition. And as the boiling battery shows, it can maintain useful function at higher temperatures as well, even when outright fires aren’t an issue.



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