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CarCharging Lost $5.60 Per Every kWh Delivered In Q2 2014?

CarCharging recently released second quarter results, which indicate growth of almost everything thanks to the acquisition of the Ecotality network this past October.

Revenues increased year-over-year by 1,152% to $973,268, however EV charging service revenues stand at $315,931 (up by 8,803%).

Net losses increased, to $7,113,648 (although less on a net per share basis), which divided by 422,206 kWh delivered a month bring average loss per kWh to $5.60 (ouch). Compared to the average price of electricity in the US of 10 to 15 cents, this result looks not so great.

Monthly kilowatt-hour (kWh) charging output rose compared to Q2 2013 several times from 50,324 kWh to 422,206 kWh.


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