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Test Drive: 2015 Nissan Leaf: savings never felt so smooth |

Push the start button and, wait, wait…oh, it’s on. You will hear a few sounds that appear to be closer to a good morning hello, rather than a large grumble and loud exhaust notes. That’s the life of a fully-electric car (EV) owner, and in this case, a 2015 Nissan Leaf.

The Nissan Leaf is heading into its fifth model year and holds the title as the leader in global EV sales with a total of 100,000 sales. This may not seem like much, but just last year, Nissan only had 50,000 global sales, so the market has doubled in a year and gaining momentum.

For this drive, Nissan Canada provided the top-trim SL that can be had for $38,548, base S starts at $31,798. In the SL you will find more premium touches and more-advanced technology that includes a seven-inch LCD touchscreen and a small photovoltaic solar panel that sits at the top of the tailgate to assist in ventilating the interior, but won’t be partaking in any of the charging. Also special for the SL are an around-view monitor, 17-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, foglights and fully-leathered seating.

Inside, the look and feel is simple cleanliness with some added technological goodies. The grey ball gear shift is what I like to call futuristic-funky, but it looks more complicated than it actually is. The blue zero emissions button on the bottom right of the touchscreen is your battery tracking device. It lets you know how much juice you have left with and without the use of the climate controls, while simultaneously monitoring your driving style. You’re also treated to heated seats in the front and back and folding rear seats that create a staggering 30 cu. ft. of cargo space.



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