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BYD delivers 4,000 electric buses through April

SHENZHEN – New energy vehicle sales of BYD increased 10 times through April this year, thanks to a series of incentive policies, reported China Business News.

The company gained 5,000 units of electric bus orders and delivered 4,000 units to the consumers in the first four months of the year. According to the company, insufficient production capacity of power batteries hindered its NEV development. BYD raised HK$4.2 billion last month to improve the productivity as quickly as possible, said an insider of the company.

Net profits of BYD totaled ¥350-¥490 million ($56-$78 million) in the first half, according to the performance forecast released by BYD recently. BYD is meeting its performance turning point in the second half, said Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of the company. Besides the current new energy passenger vehicle and new energy bus sectors, the company will also enter into fields such as forklift truck, logistics truck, farm vehicle and sanitary vehicle, said Wang.


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