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Transport Evolved Electric Car News Panel Show 204: World Executable – Transport Evolved Electric Car News

Transport Evolved Electric Car News Panel Show 204: World Executable
Please note:
Due to extreme studio temperatures today ― not to mention a brownout ― our show didn’t make it through the edit process today.
We’re going to do our very best to re-record at a future date ― and our sincerest apologies for any disappointment it may have caused.

On today’s Transport Evolved: Tesla’s patents are released to the world, Nissan may be taking a u-turn on battery cooling, and we prove electric cars are very sociable.
These stories and more, on today’s Transport Evolved, with Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Laurie Orloski and Rick Rohn

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Welcome to the show! Today, Nikki is joined by Tesla fangirl and advocate Laurie Orloski, and EV cohort Rick Rohn from the West Virginia EV sociability run.
Laurie Orloski is a pharmacist/professional writer from the US (Pennsylvania) and an early adopter of both the Chevrolet Volt (2011) and the Tesla Model S (2013), despite living in a semi-rural area where EVs are a rarity. She loves cars and drives a lot, having accumulated 36,000+ miles (and counting) in her Model S in 13 months. Laurie’s passion for plug-in EVs stems from her desire to do her part to achieve an emissions-free future, devoid of the adverse environmental and public health impacts of gasoline. She is planning to embark on the Tesla Motors Club (TMC) Connect cross-country drive (July 2014) and is very adamant that her 2 young daughters will never know the concept of pumping their own gas.
Rick Rohn is aresident of Martinsburg, West Virginia USA. He is married with one daughter who currently attends West Virginia University. He owns Morgan Awards, a family-operated awards & laser engraving shop in Martinsburg. He’s also a professional wedding/event mobile DJ/MC. His wife Stacie and he owns a 2013 Nissan Leaf and 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In. An active member of he regularly attends plug-in/EV events locally and around the Washington, DC metro area.
Part 1
We get a review of the West Virginia 100th Anniversary EV sociability run, Tesla opens up its patents, and UK Tesla Model S deliveries start.
Last week, we told you about the 100th West Virginian EV sociability run. Well, since last week and this week it took place― and we have two participants to tell us all about it.
Elon Musk has been hinting about it for a while, but yesterday Tesla announced it was planning to release all of its electric car patents C every single one ― to the public domain under open source licenses. Musk says it is to help kickstart the electric car revolution, but what will it mean for us all as electric car buyers? And what patents will prove popular with automakers?
Last weekend, the first UK market Tesla Model S cars were delivered. The first Tesla Model S customer in the UK was controversial author E L James. We ask what the average Tesla Model S buyer will want from their car in the UK ― and if it will differ from US buyers?
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Part 2
BMW’s i3 proves a conquest car, the Nissan LEAF is recalled, Kia starts Soul EV production, the first VW XL1 is delivered in Germany, Minnesota mandates EV electricity tariffs, and California does what it can to bring the Gigafactory home.
BMW released information this week showing that the i3 is indeed a conquest car for the German automaker. Has BMW played its cards right to become an electric car leader, or is it still playing catchup with Tesla and Nissan?
Nissan has recalled just under 200 LEAF electric cars to rectify a problem with their power inverter system. What is the power inverter, and why is it so important?
Kia has started global production of the Soul EV crossover electric car. Due in the UK and US later this year, we ask if it’s time for automakers to be given more incentives to make more than just compliance cars?
Volkswagen delivers the first Xl1 plug-in hybrid to a german customer. At more than $100,000 each and with a limited production of just 250 cars, will anyone actually drive it?
The state of Minnesota became the first U.S. state yesterday to mandate that all utility companies offer customers discounted electricity for charging their electric car C and that they also offer 100% renewable options for those who want to ensure that electricity doesn’t come from polluting sources. Will other states follow suit? And what about places like pro-coal West Virginia, where the 100th EV Sociability Run took place?
Finally, California is in the process of changing its legislative process to expedite the building of a large-scale electric car battery production facility there. Is Tesla about to be tempted to use its home state to build its first gigafactory after all?
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Part 3
We test drive the Nissan e-NV200 and ask if Nissan is about to change its policy on battery cooling, a new cruise control system gets developed which in theory could save energy, and we revisit the guy who wanted Elon Musk to give him a job.
This week, Nissan headed over toBarcelona to test-drive the e-NV200. She shares her opinion of this important plug-in van.
…And while Nikki was there, she noticed something unusual about the e-NV200′s battery pack. She explains all, and asks if this marks a change in battery pack design for Nissan?
Meanwhile, over in Germany, a duo of academics think they’ve cracked an algorithm which could make your cruise control more efficient. Will our future cars hypermile as well as Prius drivers?
Remember Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting last week? We do ― but we forgot to share with you the wonderful case of the shareholder who wanted Elon to hire him…Sufficed to say he didn’t get a job.
We love it.
No feedback this week ― but do drop us a line at, or fill out theContact Us form on our website!
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