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Tesla’s Elon Musk: “We’ll Break Ground on Lithium-ion Gigafactory Next Month”

Just one week after Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] announced it would be picking two, not one locations to develop as Gigafactory sites up to and including groundbreaking in order to ‘minimize delays,’ the announcement was made my Musk himself on a conference call following the release of Tesla’s first-quarter 2014 earnings.

Answering questions from the media and business analysts, Musk said that ground breaking at the first location would probably occur next month, with the second site following with its groundbreaking in the next month or two after that.

Interestingly too, Musk now says that California is still being considered as a potential Gigafactory location, despite being discounted early on in the Gigafactory hunt due to its lengthy permit process and red tape. Referring to the hard work done by California Governor Jerry Brown and his staff, Musk said the state was no longer an “improbable” location, which makes us wonder if one of the two Gigafactory sites will end up on Tesla’s back door in California itself.


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