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Tesla Model S Electric Car: Software Updates Since 2012

While today’s Tesla Model S electric car may look just the same as the first one that rolled off the line two years ago, it’s had quite a few hardware updates under the surface.

But from a Tesla owner’s point of view, the car has been improved far more by numerous updates to its computer software than by a handful of hardware changes–many of which can’t be retrofitted.

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That’s because all owners of a Tesla Model S car get those software upgrades automatically, over the air–for free.

Try doing that with your new wiper-blade defroster.

2014 Tesla Model S in China

2014 Tesla Model S in China

Virtually every aspect of Model S operation, from the climate control system to the suspension, is controlled by software. “A computer on wheels,” some have called it.

That software, of course, can be updated. The Model S is unique among cars in that it can be reprogrammed remotely from the factory over its 3G or WiFi network. Since the Model S first hit the streets in June 2012, there have been a number of major software updates–on average, one every few months.


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