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Solar Panels, Electric Cars, Will Kill Gas Stations, Says Professor

The gas station’s days are numbered — and it’s going to be killed by rapid improvement in photovoltaic (PV) solar panel technology.
That’s the opinion of Keith Barnham, emeritus Professor of Physics at Imperial College, London, who says that solar panel technology is improving so quickly that society is on the brink of a solar panel revolution where motorists no-longer visit the gas station but plug their ultra-efficient electric cars into domestic solar panel installations instead.

One day soon, we’ll be able to do more than just this with solar panels.
Of course, combining solar panels and electric cars together isn’t exactly a new idea. Many thousands of electric car owners around the world already use electricity from solar panels mounted on the roof of their home to charge up their all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars. But Professor Barnham isn’t just talking about solar panels that you can put on the roof of your house: he’s talking about solar panels integrated into everyday items like windows and blinds.


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