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Scoop: India’s Self-Driving Cars

It isn’t just Google and the USA. There’s at least a dozen self-driving cars being tested in India. (Update: now with 16 driverless car reports)
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In end-May, Google announced that it was finally going to manufacture its own, ever-so-cute, self-driving electric cars, with test units out in a year. What’s special about the cars is that they would have no controls-no steering, brakes, pedals-except a start/stop button.

But Google isn’t alone. I’ve found out about least a dozen self-driving cars are being tested in India. Here’s the inside scoop on all of them, and what makes them special.

Micromax‘s self-driving car will be one-tenth of the price of Google’s, and will be a dual-license-plate model.

Reliance is also testing a self-driving car. However, it runs only when the gas price is over $8 per unit.


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