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Saving money not the environment is driving Norway’s electric car boom

Stand on many Oslo street corners and you’ll notice something odd. Cars swish past, driving in the bus lanes. And they make no noise. The usually obedient Norwegians have not succumbed to breaking traffic laws; rather, the country
Norway, with a population of only five million, now has on its roads 35,000 electric vehicles (EVs), which also represent 14.5 per cent of new vehicle sales. Figures show another spike last month with 1,346 sales. And one of the most prized benefits of ownership is the right to drive in bus lanes.

In a central Oslo café, half a dozen electric cars parked up nearby, Marina Maneas Bakkum of Nissan, manufacturer of the electric Leaf, a five-seat family car, explains: “Our customers here aren’t early adopters or even necessarily environmental evangelists, though that’s important. They are ordinary working people.”


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