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Psaros teams with Nissan to support sustainability

The Nissan EV Leaf will be used by the Psaros team while on the road
West Australian property developer Psaros has teamed up with Nissan to introduce an electric vehicle to the company’s fleet.

As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability, Psaros has partnered with Nissan to introduce the EV Leaf into its fleet for use by the Psaros team while on the road.

Psaros CEO Danny Psaros said the company’s unwavering passion for sustainability meant the partnership with Nissan was a perfect fit. The company firmly believes that electric vehicles are the way of the future given the increasing transport needs, the rising cost of fuel, the need for Australia to reduce its carbon dioxide emission and concerns about air pollution.

The Psaros team will use a Nissan Leaf while on the road, helping to promote the Nissan vehicle and encouraging the use of electric cars. It will also help to educate Psaros and the broader community about the capabilities of the car, its recharge technicalities, the online support system and the overall benefits for users.



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