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Portable electric car fast-charger launched by Designwerks

Fast-charging almost anywhere is now an option for electric car owners, but it comes at a price.

Swiss industrial design house Designwerk is offering the ‘ChargeBox’ for owners of cars that are DC fast-charging compatible (which includes the Nissan LEAF and BMW i3). It works by converting the strong three-phase (AC) power from many charging stations to CHAdeMO and CCS standards, enabling appropriately-equipped cars to charge up using direct current at their true potential.

Currently, a Nissan LEAF plugged into a three-phase charging station will only pull a maximum of 6.6kW of power due to the limitation of it’s onboard charger. This despite the supply being as much as 43kW.

The ChargeBox portably converts this power into direct current, allowing the LEAF to recharge at full capacity. This would take around 30 minutes (at least to reach an 80 percent state-of-charge) instead of four hours.

Of course, the LEAF can use a DC fast-charger without using any additional equipment, but such stations are still relatively uncommon in the US.


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