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Nissan To Launch Plug-In Hybrids Too, In Less Than Two Years

Plug-in hybrids will clearly be all the rage among carmakers for the next couple of years.

While the number of high-volume battery-electric vehicles today can be counted on one hand–BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S–virtually every global automaker now has plug-in hybrids planned for launch between 2015 and 2020.

2014 Nissan Leaf, Bear Mountain, May 2014

2014 Nissan Leaf, Bear Mountain, May 2014

And, contrary to earlier reports, Nissan will be among those makers.

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When Green Car Reports interviewed Carla Bailo, Nissan’s now-departed senior vice president for research and development in the Americas, at January’s Detroit Auto Show, she said that plug-in hybrids weren’t on the agenda.

Hybrids, yes, and diesel vehicles in those markets where they take a significant market share–for which read Europe–but not plug-in hybrids.

Three months later, Andy Palmer, the company’s head of global product development, refuted Bailo’s statement in a wide-ranging interview with Green Car Reports during April’s New York Auto Show.


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