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Nissan LEAF takes Spanish lessons: Now sold in MexicoIn-Car Tech

Nissan on Wednesday, June 4 announced the launch of the Nissan LEAF, which the automaker said is the first 100% electric vehicle to be marketed in Mexico. The presale started that day, and reportedly will continue until the arrival of the Nissan LEAF in Mexico City dealerships Monday, June 30. (Photo courtesy Nissan)
The Nissan LEAF this week became the first all-electric mass-produced car to be comprehensively marketed and sold in Mexico, according to Nissan.
A Nissan press release said presales for the 100% electric Nissan LEAF in Mexico started Wednesday, June 4 and will run through the LEAF’s official launch in the country Monday, June 30.
Nissan Mexicana CEO Airton Cousseau said, “Nissan LEAF is a reality in the Mexican market. We are proud to be the pioneer company to introduce the first zero-emissions vehicle leader in sales worldwide in Mexico. This release represents an honor for us and recognizes a milestone in the history of innovation in Nissan, a cornerstone of our business strategy.”


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