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Nissan Leaf available in all of Mexico

Mexico’s a big country, with almost 120 million people. So it’s a shame that until now, no major plug-in vehiclemanufacturer was selling its EVs in the country as a whole (there are no doubt exceptions on a smaller scale). This has just changed thanks to Nissan; the Japanese company has announced that the LEAF electric car will officially go on sale in Mexico on June 30, 2014, with pre-orders available until then. Nissan has already sold over 115,000 LEAFs around the world.

There will even be a unique version of the LEAF available, with a special ‘Around View Monitor’ that gives the driver a view around the car on a LCD screen thanks to a bunch of cameras. The Mexican LEAF will also have a fast-charging port that allows a recharge of 80% of the battery in just 30 minutes, which is very nice for when you need to take a longer road trip than the single-charge range of the car.

© Nissan

Nissan’s timing is good because Mexico city has plans to install charging stations in various parts of the city (Colonia Roma, Colonia Del Valle, Coyoacan, Polanco, Santa Fe, Ciudad Satelite, Altavista and San Angel).all



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