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Nissan Hopes to Expand Capabilities of Carwings

If the Leaf EV’s app were able to gauge the health of the car’s battery pack, Nissan could avoid incidents like those in Arizona two years ago.

Leaf’s current Carwings app has limited abilities.
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NOVI, MI – Nissan wants to be able to collect and analyze battery health data with the next generation of its Carwings app for its Leaf electric vehicle.

The automaker was caught by surprise two years ago when Leaf owners in hot-weather states, including Arizona, began experiencing what they said was premature degradation of their cars’ air-cooled lithium-ion battery packs. It evolved into a major drama in the EV world, as Leaf owners thought Nissan should have been more proactive to their initial

After executives met with affected Leaf owners in Arizona Nissan bought back some of the EVs and enhanced the car’s warranty to repair or replace a Li-ion battery pack that loses more than three of its 12 bars, or roughly 30% of its capacity, in five years or 60,000 miles (96,561 km).


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