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NEI Corporation Developing Li-ion Batteries With 250 Wh/kg At Pack Level

NEI Corporation announced that initiated development of water-based lithium-ion batteries, which – according to website describing the target for this project – will have 250 Wh/kg and 750 Wh/l.

This is still below the top rated 18650 lithium-ion cells produced by Panasonic, but NEI Corporation is aiming for those numbers at the pack level, which means that the cell itself probably would need to be over 300 Wh/kg.

The key difference is the use of water-based electrolyte, which to date wasn’t a good idea because some drawbacks:

“While the concept of a lithium-ion cell using a water-based electrolyte has been known and studied, a major limitation is the narrow electrochemical stability window for water, which restricts the cell voltage. For example, the electrochemical stability window for water is within the range of 0 to 1.25V; electrolysis of water occurs outside this voltage range. In contrast, organic solvent-based electrolytes are stable up to at least 4V. The lower the cell voltage is, the lower the energy density is, and consequently, water-based lithium-ion batteries have had low energy densities.”


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