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More thoughts on charging stations

This letter is in response to a recent letter written by Bob Bruninga in regards to placing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at Rehoboth Beach.

We appreciate Mr. Bruninga’s good words about our idea to place high-quality charging stations in Delaware, designed so that one is never more than 50 miles from a location to charge. This program, conceived by the EV group at the University of Delaware and supported by DNREC, will help to eliminate the EV driver’s “range anxiety” of running out of battery power before reaching one’s destination.

We believe we have developed an efficient approach – the whole state can be covered for less than the cost of a single luxury EV with the big battery option! (Granted, Delaware is a small state, but charging stations can serve hundreds of EV drivers in Delaware, whereas putting a big battery in one car only serves the one buyer of that car.)

Mr. Bruninga makes an interesting case that EV drivers can charge without any actual charging stations, using only the standard 120v outlets found in some parking structures or by throwing an extension cord out from one’s hotel room. As EV drivers ourselves, we know this strategy! It can be useful in a pinch. But we would differ with the statement that a “socket hunt” replaces proper EV charging stations.


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