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Lower temperature molten air battery made more suitable for electric cars

RESEARCHERS at George Washington University, US, have succeeded in lowering the operating temperature of molten air batteries, which have the highest energy capacity of any battery yet developed.

The new iron molten air battery works at temperatures below 600°C, which the researchers, Stuart Licht and Baochen Cui, say potentially make it suitable for use in electric vehicles, compared to around 800°C for previous molten air batteries. Licht and Cui announced that they had developed the first proof-of-concept molten air battery last September, consisting of a metal-based anode, with oxygen from air acting as the cathode, and a molten salt electrolyte. The best-performing, contains vanadium boride (VB2), has an energy capacity of 27,000 Wh/l. This is orders of magnitude higher than a standard lithium ion battery, which has a capacity of 600 Wh/l]


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