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Looking for EV charging stations in the UK? Zap-Map has you covered!

Range anxiety? What’s that?
Plug-in vehicles might still be in their awkward, teenager growth phase, but public charging stations are multiplying like acne (how’s that for a metaphor!). If you don’t drive an electric vehicle and have never looked into it too much, you might think that finding a place to charge when taking a longer trip might be hard, but the reality is otherwise. Take the UK, for example. They’re just now reaching 10,000 registered EVs for the whole country, but they already have 6276 charging points spread over 2570 stations, with more being added every week, as you can see the graph below:

Zap-Map/Screen capture

That’s over 1 public charging point for every 2 EVs, and of course that’s not counting all the private places where you can charge (ie. your driveway, a friend’s garage, etc).


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