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Japanese Electric-Car Makers Set Up Single Charging Network; Could It Ever Happen In U.S.?

One challenge to more widespread adoption of electric cars is public charging–or rather, the scattered multiple networks of irregularly spaced public charging stations.

In Japan, the four major electric-car makers have now joined together to form a new company whose goal is to build a single public charging network, with an access card that will work throughout Japan and “offers more convenience to drivers.”

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Announced this morning, Nippon Charge Service LLC is being supported by Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Toyota.

Nippon Charging Services, explanatory diagram from launch presentation, May 2014

Nippon Charging Services, explanatory diagram from launch presentation, May 2014

Single access card

By the end of the year, all four carmakers will provide electric-car drivers with a single, universally-accepted charging card that can be used at all locations operated by the new company.

Nippon Charge Service’s intent, according to a release, is to promote installation of plug-in electric vehicle charging stations and foster “broader acceptance of electric vehicles by building a user-friendly infrastructure that will help society maximize the possibilities of electric vehicles.”


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