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Iran now has its first-ever electric vehicle – AutoblogGreen

Soon after eliminating tariffs on the import of and electric vehicles and many hybrids, Iran has reportedly imported its first electric car to the country. According to Homayoun Haeri, managing director of Iran Power Generation Transmission & Distribution Management Company, the unspecified model came from Paris to Tehran via 17 countries.

The imported car, Haeri says, has a range of 62 miles, and can fully charge in 4.5 to 5 hours at a cost of just 4,000 rials (about 12 to 16 cents, depending on the exchange rate). The announcement also served as an opportunity to remind the public that Iran will be restarting its Bushehr nuclear power plant, which will save fuel and provide electricity to the region.

Iran’s first electric car could be aMitsubishi i-MiEV, which offers the stated 62-mile range, or perhaps a rebadged version from one of France’s automakers – Citroën has the C-Zero and Peugeot has the iOn, both based on the i-MiEV.


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