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GM Offers EV Drivers 10 Workplace Charging Etiquette Tips | GM Authority

With electric vehicle popularity on the rise, more and more employers are offering EV charging stations in their parking lots. General Motors is among them with 401 electric vehicle charging stations located at its numerous facilities all over the world, 20 percent of which are powered using solar energy.
The only problem with electric vehicle charging stations is that they must be shared among all EV-driving patrons of the facility they are located at. This might result in some drivers missing out on charging their car, so GM has compiled a list on its Fastlane blog going over basic “Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette”, to help ensure all green-vehicle enthusiasts can get the most out of the charging stations.
1. Safety First
GM encourages all users of EV charging stations to properly manage the cord during and after charging. While plugged in, be sure to tuck the cord under your car so passers-by don’t trip or drive over it. Once you’re done charging, be sure to neatly wind the cord on its holder and tuck in any excess length.
2. EV Spots are for EVs
This one should go without saying, but we frequently see non-EV cars parked in an EV charging spot, so it’s not as obvious to some as you may think. Don’t park you’re internal combustion car in a spot designated for charging a plug-in car. Seriously.
3. EV Drivers Must Adhere to Posted Signs
Here’s another that shouldn’t have to be said, but it’s included in GM’s list for a reason. Just because you drive an EV doesn’t mean you can park in a handicap space just to be close to a charging station. Don’t do it. Unless having your car towed has historically been an enjoyable pass time for you.

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