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Gas 2 | Bridging the gap between green heads and gear heads.

The “newness” of the Chevy Volt seems to have worn off, and though sales have been steady, the Nissan Leaf has been surpassing it for the past few months.The $76,000 Cadillac ELR is doing even worse, which is leading some dealers to offer huge incentives to move stock…not a great sign for Chevy’s plug-in ambitions.

We found two examples, both over at the boards, that seem to indicate increasing incentives on both the Volt and the ELR. These aren’t in out-there, dyed-in-the-red states either. Rydell Chevrolet in Northridge, California, is offering up to $6,00 offer all in-stock Chevy Volts, which probably includes a mix of 2013 and 2014 models. That includes a $1,000 GM rebate, $500 “Chevy Conquest Private Offer”, and $4,500 from Rydell itself.Factor in the $7,500 tax credit, and you’ve got a whopping $13,500 off of the $34,185 MSRP, , bringing the Volt’s price down to just $20,695. Oh, and California also kicks in another $5,000, meaning you can get a Volt for just $15,695 … which is less than I paid for my Chevy Sonic.



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