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Gas 2 | Bridging the gap between green heads and gear heads.

Europe’s largest electric car rally kicked off earlier this week in Stuttgart in Germany, with a world-record sized gathering of EVs embarking on a 9 day, 1800 km, gas-free drive across Europe.

This year’s record-setting rally is part of WAVE – short for World Advanced Vehicle Exhibition. Created by Louis Palmer (the first man to successfully drive a solar-powered EV around the world), the exhibition is designed to showcase the real-world capabilities of modern electric cars running on renewable energy.

Since the tour’s beginnings in 2011, it’s taken several different routes across the continent, and allows just about anyone to take part. There are four separate categories: “exclusive WAVE” for limited-production or one-off vehicles, “popular WAVE” for serial-production models like the Chevy Spark EVor Nissan Leaf, “light WAVE” for EVs weighing less than 900 kg, and the “e-bike WAVE” for electrically-powered 2 wheelers.



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