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Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles Explained

Since the early days of the 20th century, the internal combustion engine and electricity progressively became two of the most important comfort features aiding life as we know it today. By the time the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle arrived in the form of the Toyota Prius back in 1997, both the internal combustion engine and electricity became inseparable in the automotive world.

The next big step in electric vehicle research and development is represented by wireless charging solutions. After smartphone manufacturers started experimenting with conductive recharging solutions, automakers that offer at least one electric model in their lineup begged the Top Gear-esque question: “How hard can it be?”

Roughly 15 years have passed since small teams of engineers and a handful of car manufacturers started to tinker with this bold idea. However, the road to plug-free charging is still long and exceptionally winding. Even though this type of technology is still in its experimental phase, fast advancements and encouraging results might offer EV owners the opportunity to get rid of the traditional power cable sooner than expected.


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