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Will the Nissan LEAF copy the Tesla Model S with battery options?

There are rumors and rumors of rumors that Nissan plans to offer a range of battery pack size options akin to what Tesla Motors does with the Model S. Is this true?

Since the Nissan LEAF was first introduced, many have asked when it will get more range; either through better battery technology or more cells. Rumors regarding Nissan extending the range of the electric car are persistent and often come to the fore any time a change is announced for the LEAF.

Well, the rumors are back again. This time thanks to remarks made by Andy Palmer at the New York Auto Show, which have been interpreted by some as meaning that Nissan does indeed plan to not only increase the range of the LEAF, but offer it for sale with multiple range options in a way similar to the Tesla Model S.

That, coupled with a survey that Nissan did of current LEAF owners earlier this year, seems to be poking the donkey on the rumor mill again. That survey specifically asked LEAF owners how much they would be willing to pay to buy an electric car with a 150-mile range.

According to Green Car Reports, Palmer said that a longer-range LEAF is a “subject of intense debate” inside Nissan’s walls. We wondered if that’s true, so we reached out to a friend in the Nissan LEAF’s marketing and development office.


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