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We Are On The Verge Of An Electric Vehicle Revolution

In Australia, our beautiful wide brown land means that we love our big cars. Holden’s Commodore and Ford’s Falcon dominated the top of new vehicle sales lists for decades; even in recent years, and even in light of both brands shutting down, they’re strong sellers. All of the five most popular cars in Australia are petrol-powered, but that looks set to change; you’ll just have to give it a few years first.

The electric vehicle du jour in Australia has to be the Nissan Leaf. It’s certainly been around for the longest, having launched in June 2012 — the Leading, Environmentally Friendly, Affordable Family Car initially had a claimed 160km range without using a drop of petrol, and the 2013 model refresh boosted that by around a fifth.

The Leaf is an all-electric vehicle; there’s no petrol engine, no oil pan, no fuel tank — only a 24kWh battery pack and a front-mounted 80kW electric motor. The next-gen Leaf should handle 300km on a single charge, too. The only problem is that at the moment, you don’t really see many Nissan Leafs driving around — noone seems to like them.

But prospective EV buyers can already also choose the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, with a 49kW motor and 16kWh battery pack, made for the CBDs of cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Australians aren’t exactly rushing to embrace electric tech, but there’s a middle ground. If you want to reassure yourself with a petrol-backup hybrid (no range anxiety!), you’re spoiled for choice with the prototypical Toyota Prius, the Holden Volt, the Camry Hybrid, the Lexus RX400h — and the list goes on.


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