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Update to Electric Cars on Maui

Note 1: The largest consumer of gasoline in the world is the United States (population: 318 milion), which used an average of 368 million U.S. gallons (1.46 gigalitres) each day in 2011. Do we have the right to do this, forever and ever?

Note 2: China and India have populations of 1.3 and 1.2 billion people, respectively. If a family in New Delhi or Beijing have the money to buy a car, who is to stop them from buying gasoline and driving 1 mile to buy a pizza and toilet paper, like we do, going to Long’s on Sunday for a $3 purchase?

Spring 2014. About two-plus years ago I wrote about my experience driving a Nissan Leaf in Honolulu. There were approximately 150 Electric Cars on Maui back then, and now, with the Chevy Volts, Nissan Leafs, Tesla sports cars (any car with an electric plug-in qualifies, even with a small gasoline engine) there are more than 450 EV’s roaming Maui, so a remarkable EV population doubling in two-plus years.

This spring gasoline costs have not doubled to $7 – 8 per gallon (as the “norm” in many European countries and Japan), and before the big American summer “driving” season, it’s about $4.35 – $4.40 per gallon* on Maui, about 15 – 20 cents lower in Honolulu. I bought gasoline for $7 a gallon in Tokyo. Many countries subsidize gasoline and others “tax” gasoline – India is at nearly $5 a gallon and China at slightly over $4.00. The European Union “average” price per gallon is $7.80.


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