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UK Electric Car Sales Growing Fast

It appears that after much effort, and head-scratching, the UK’s EV sales are finally starting to pick up some steam, based on recent figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

More than 1,200 EVs were sold this March, as compared to 270 last year, according to the Society. Certainly not huge sales, but certainly not bad growth either. Hybrid sales saw a pretty big uptick as well, up 45% from last year to 10,200 units sold.

big benImage Credit: Big Ben via Wiki CC

One of the main factors behind the recent growth is no doubt the £5,000 grant that’s been on offer the past few years (since 2011). The range of EVs available in the country has been steadily increasing as well, no doubt helping to drive awareness and demand.

“The market is approaching a tipping point, where battery power will become as normal as petrol or diesel,” explained Ian Robertson, BMW’s global marketing chief. “If you look back over the past three years, the electric car market has multiplied by a factor of 25. There’s no doubt that it’s coming and it’s coming quickly and there is legislation supporting this in many cities.”


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