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Tusker board goes electric as firm reports surging EV orders

The executive board of directors at Tusker have all taken delivery of new electric vehicles as their company cars as the leasing and salary sacrifice specialist reports a 250% upsurge in orders for EVs over the last four months.

David Hosking, chief executive officer, Mark Sinclair, chief operating officer and chief commercial officer Iain Carmichael have all opted for BMW i3s, while chief financial officer David Brockwell, has chosen a Nissan LEAF.

This initiative comes as Tusker reports a sharp rise in orders for EVs, with an 250% increase in EV orders over the last four months since promoting them to customers of its SalarySacrifice4Cars (SS4C) scheme.

At the same time, to encourage staff into a wider take-up of EVs, Tusker has installed four charging points in the company car park of its new offices in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire. Electric cars are now available to all company car drivers at all grades and to non-car eligible staff on its salary sacrifice scheme.

The Tusker directors have all reported enjoyable driving experiences from their new EVs along with financial savings.

The team also said they expect the trend towards EVs to continue as awareness of the financial and environmental benefits increases and the charging network continues to grow.


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