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Toyota RAV4 EV to be discontinued, deal with Tesla Motors not being renewed

Toyota has disclosed plans to terminate production of the RAV4 EV at the end of the year.

Powered by Tesla Motors, the electric RAV4 never took off as the company sold only 1,594 units since the car was introduced about two years ago. Right from the start Toyota planned only two model years for the car as a way to meet California’s zero-emission mandate. The deal with Tesla will expire at the end of the year and will not be renewed so production will end once the 2,600th car will be assembled.

The Toyota RAV4 EV costs almost 50,000 USD and comes powered by a 156 PS electric motor offering a 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) run in a decent 7 seconds before topping out at 161 mph (100 mph). More important, the electric crossover has an EPA-estimated range of 103 miles (166 km/h) before the 42 kW battery pack runs out of juice.
Source: Toyota


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