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While women account for half of all cars sold or leased, they are only adopting EVs like the Nissan LEAF at a 30 percent-or-less clip

According to a report compiled by the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies based open studies of early adopters of vehicles like the Nissan LEAF, women and men are different in their approaches to when to charge their PEVs. Among all the other determinations made by “Engendering the Future of Electric Vehicles: Conversations with Men and Women,” one of the most interesting and prescient discoveries has to do with whether women are even considered in the manufacturing process.

“Engendering the Future of Electric Vehicles: Conversations with Men and Women,” authored by Nicolette Caperello, Jennifer TyreeHageman, and Kenneth Kurani, determines that women are much more practical when it comes to ensuring that their electric vehicles are adequately charged while men are more likely to push their vehicles’ limits.



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