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Tesla Model S Buyers Now Exempt From $15,000 License-Plate Fees In Shanghai | CleanTechnica

Investors trying to gauge adoption rates for electric vehicles know that one of the biggest issues is infrastructure: Potential electric-car buyers want to feel comfortable knowing they can charge their vehicles away from their homes.

Tesla, of course, is addressing the issue by building out a network of strategically placed Superchargers. Owners of other makes, however, have many options.

ChargePoint, for example, has a 70% share of all networked public charging stations, and operates on four continents. What’s more, the company has partnered with several automakers and is currently integrated directly into vehicles such as the BMW i3 and Nissan LEAF. Mobile apps or software built into BMW and Nissan EVs can guide drivers directly to available charging stations.

Motley Fool analyst Rex Moore was able to speak with ChargePoint president and CEO Pat Romano at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In this video segment, Romano talks about other partnerships on the horizon.



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